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We are more than just an advertising agency — we’re a reliable partner and co-worker. Micrah Marketing & Management is an authority in endorsement radio with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. We create well-planned strategies to help, you, our clients’ businesses stand out expanding both your brand's identity and annual revenue.

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Scott MacDonell, V.P. Marketing

V.P. Marketing

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
"You want Dave Bachelis on your side. The man asks the two questions that every client wants to hear: how are results and what could we be doing better for you. A very rare thing indeed. Dave was one of the most tenacious salespeople I ever met, trying to land our account. But the proof was in the pudding. Once hired, he brought us some very successful opportunities that we continue to this day. Pardon the animal references, but he's a work-horse, tenacious as a pitbull, and clever as a fox in helping to build your business. He never stops thinking about ways to improve - and that goes a long way for me."

About Us

Founded by David Bachelis, Micrah Marketing & Management, Inc. has specialized in Endorsement Radio since its inception. For over two decades Dave has been developing and executing successful strategies for companies on the local, national and international stages. Through Dave, Micrah's strong relationships with the most important radio syndication companies and their talent allow Dave and Micrah to connect your brand with the correct host. When doing so, the magic of Endorsement Radio, its influence, and the host's credibility will build your image in your industry space leading to enhanced brand awareness and revenue.
Knowing the communication and advertising/marketing arena is moving at such a fast pace and various platforms are almost endless, Micrah Marketing has made it a point to expand our knowledge and experience to other platforms, such as Podcasts, Streaming, Television, Radio, Influencers and more to complement all your advertising in the most efficient way.
Micrah Marketing & Management, Inc. has a very direct approach with both clients and vendors. We focus on the bottom line of your ROI and "Putting Advertisers First..."

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