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Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

"You want Dave Bachelis on your side. The man asks the two questions that every client wants to hear: how are results and what could we be doing better for you. A very rare thing indeed. Dave was one of the most tenacious salespeople I ever met, trying to land our account. But the proof was in the pudding. Once hired, he brought us some very successful opportunities that we continue to this day. Pardon the animal references, but he's a work-horse, tenacious as a pitbull, and clever as a fox in helping to build your business. He never stops thinking about ways to improve - and that goes a long way for me."
-- Scott MacDonell, V.P. Marketing

"Dave came to my business because he received a direct mail piece sent to him from my company. He said he could help my business grow faster through advertising on the radio. Personally I thought he was wrong, but thought I would give him a chance. Dave told me what type of commitment I would have to make if I want my advertising to work, basically saying, do it the right way or don't do it at all. Well, before long Dave was handling all of my advertising amounting to the mid seven figures a year. Dave's no-nonsense approach is very refreshing. He's an expert in his industry, honest, friendly available when needed and has the utmost in integrity. That's not often found these days. Now retired, if I were to ever go back in business I will be calling Dave to take care of my advertising again."
-- Mark Theis, President, HMS Capital, Inc.


"We at Premiere Networks have enjoyed a strong and mutually beneficial working relationship with Dave Bachelis and Micrah Marketing & Management, Inc. for the past four years. Dave is a top tier media professional with a broad skill set, a passion for the business and fueled by a client solutions approach to doing business. Dave is fiercely loyal to his clients while balancing a collaborative working approach with us at Premiere Network and our talent. I highly recommend Micrah Marketing & Management, Inc. to help you deliver on your marketing and advertising needs and goals... I am confident that we will be working with Dave and Micrah Marketing & Management, Inc. for many years to come."
-- Milton Stumpus I National Business Development | Premiere Networks

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